OMG – ignorance must be lethal

I got a little note today…I know this girl had her heart in the right place, but I just have to rant:

Hi Janet! Thanks for the note. I’m so sorry to hear you cut yourself, and I’ll being praying for you. But go to the library and look up cults , Mormonism will be under there. They trick you into thinking its like Christianity. Mormins certainly aren’t bad people at all!! But, Mormonism isn’t the greatest religion! Sorry. If you can, rent a movie called The God Makers or something like that. …

ALL religions are considered to be cults. Okay? If Mormons aren’t Christians, then why is it called The Church of Jesus Christer-Day Saints? Huh? I can’t hear you? It’s ’cause they are Christians. I have nothing further to say, because you can read and study about it and learn that it is in fact a Christian religion and not a vulgarly meant cult. It’s not like real Mormons live on some ranch with twenty wives and inbred children. They happen to be very nice people. My mother is one of them. I’m not Mormon, but I will not stand by and let some person, who obviously doesn’t know about Mormon Gospel, trash the church that my mom and some of my friends go to.

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