Yay!! 200 NOTES!!

I’m so happy. I have 200 notes! Am I crazy for getting so happy over something so stupid? LOL. No, I love getting notes. It’s totally justified.

Okay…me likes O-Town’s new song. It sounds sweet. I agree that “Liquid Dreams” sounds disgusting…even the title. It just totally stereotypifies the kind of girl guys want…the imperfect type just aren’t good enough anymore.

As for other groups:
Me likes *NSYNC, 98 Degrees, Innosense, & Dream
Me no likes Backstreet Boys
Me kind of likes O-Town (all of ’em are okay except for Jacob)

I’m totally weirded out. I’ve worn a dress for the past two days. (Different dresses) I NEVER wear dresses. Dresses look great on me. No way! They look horrible. And I always feel naked, no matter how much they cover me up.

That’s all I can think of to say right now. TTYL!

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