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Hey peoples! Thanks for all the awesome notes. I’ll try to write some more of the story later. I’m kind of thinking about where it should go from where I left off.

About the story – no, it isn’t true. I wish it was. I can’t imagine what I’d do if it were true.

Foster kids – Yeah, we had another foster child for a year and a half. She was our first foster child. Her name is Stephanie. We basically felt like she was part of our family. She was taken in by every member of the family. Then, she was taken away and put in an abusive situation and is now having more emotional problems. (The only time she wasn’t having severe emotional problems was when she was with my family…she told us that she loved it with us and we were the first people who’d ever made her laugh and be happy.) She left October 13, 2000 and I’ve missed her every day since. Then a little bit over a month later, Elijah moved in, and every day he drives me a little more insane.

Being overweight – Sometimes I really wish I felt like I was beautiful. I have a pretty face…I just want a body like my friends. Of course I realize that even if I wasn’t overweight, I wouldn’t have a body like my friends. I have a larger frame than most of them. I saw an x-ray of my foot and my bones are huge compared to most peoples…Of course, mine are overcalcifying from stress.

Upset – I’m upset because my family just stresses me out. I’m upset because I’m on $300 (that’s just the copays – $1500 is what it would be if we paid full price) a month of medicine and it’s making my family broke. I’m upset because it seems like I always have to do all the work and I never get a break. I’m upset that when I take a break, I’m labeled as lazy. I’m upset that my medicines don’t work. I’m upset that my psychiatrist’s physician’s assistant (Marv) doesn’t seem to care that my medicines don’t work. I’m upset because I woke up this morning.

Thank you to all the people who are saying my diary looks cool. That means a lot to me. I put a good deal of work into making it look cute and I take pride in knowing that people are enjoying it. 🙂

Well, I’m off to read some diaries & reply to some notes.

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