The ‘t’ appointment

I went to see my therapist (t) today. We spent most of the time talking about my little problem with the boy I like. Anyways, she said I had every reason to be upset. I thought it was so great to have someone tell me that it was okay for me to be upset. I mean, someone IRL validating how I felt. Anyways, I got a letter from another friend today (got one yesterday from Julia K.) and today I got one from Heather P. Not the Heather I rant about on here. There are 3 Heathers that I will talk about:

Heather #1 (C.) – my cousin with 2 kids
Heather #2 (P.) – my friend from my old school
Heather #3 (S.) – the girl who was my friend until recently – in an online way

Anyways, the letters I’ve gotten from my friends have been truly inspirational. They kind of make me regret cutting myself. I mean, I regret it anyway, but their letters are so cheerful that it reminds me that I’m missing out on some valuable friendships right now.

I really miss my friends a lot.

I guess that’s all for now.

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